Cloud Computing is virtualizing your hardware in which the applications are hosted, thus doing away with physical server and their up gradation and maintenance costs.

Cloud Computing also leads to high availability of applications and scalability on demand. Its multi- tenant feature aids in reduction of application costs; which is also called as Software as a Service (SAAS).

Cloud Computing is the future, may it then be public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud. Invention of internet has led to generation of humongous amount of data on daily basis. However, just a lot of data does not make sense. We have this ton of data that is being generated every day. This data can be utilized for many purposes provided that there is a resource to analyze such a large amount of data.


Traditional relational database solutions do not suffice for this purpose. That is where Big Data comes into picture. Big Data Solutions help analyze these huge amounts of data and extract valuable or useful information from it. This information can then be applied to solve problems, or gain new insights.

At Sonicsoft, we work with you to deliver cost- effective and secure intelligence solutions that can make organization leverage their business information to the full extent and take quality decisions in critical times to conduct their businesses in a more efficient manner.